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  • intelonly_please intelonly_please Nov 2, 2012 1:29 PM Flag

    Medfield vs A6 vs A15 vs S4

    What is your take from this, O.P.? Solid progress from Intel or no?

    • Of course, Medfield is a faster browsing chip than Qualcomm's Krait and lasts longer doing it. It can beat both A6 and A15 in some benchmarks but also loses to them in others so it's in the high performance mix as well as being in the long endurance mix. Intel have produced a competitive phone chip at 32nm contrary to the myth x86 couldn't do it. It's a start of what no doubt will be a continuous flow of better future phone chips to come. Everybody will not suddenly switch to Intel phone chips but more will in time and hey the starting point is 0% so the only way is up ;-).

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