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  • bacbacker bacbacker Nov 15, 2012 11:26 AM Flag

    INTC turnaround story of 2013!

    Too many story about PC cannabalization and INTC declining well ARM taking mass media #$%$! Here's the real news:

    - INTC commands over 90% of server market. With cloud computing on the rise and corporate spendings to increase as "fiscal cliff" story subsides, revenue will sure increase for INTC in this space. ARM trying to come into this marke? don't bet on it, which company in their right mind would switch to untested hw with minimum cost savings and performance decrease and then have to turn around and make their sw compatible with the new hw and risk that there may be bugs in the code somewhere?

    - INTC coming out with z2580 Atom chip for smartphones (with 4G LTE support) that will be faster and have better battery life than current ARM offerings including new A15. They spent the last year perfecting Android for the x86 platform so that when they do roll out phones to US market everything will be silk smooth.

    - INTC's new Haswell chip will come out with first half of 2013. Will be faster than current Core i chips but require waaayyyy less power. Hardware manufacturer, including AAPL, are, no doubt, working on new PCs, PC convertibles and tablets right now. You will see massive PC ad campaign once these devices come out. Anyone who has an old non-touch-capabible, heavy, bulky laptop (most people) will upgrade! That includes consumers and corporations alike.

    - Buy end of 2013, they will roll out newer chips on 14nm technology, meaning the chips will be even more powerful but require even less power! ARM boys will still be d*cking around with 28nm technology!

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