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  • wildandwacky39 wildandwacky39 Nov 16, 2012 12:48 AM Flag

    Intel's new Haswell CPU

    I've been reading more and more about Haswell and think it will be a game changer.

    It will use 10w of power and some articles are saying it can go as low as 8w; very impressive. I think with this CPU, Intel will get into the tablet market in a big way. I also read that by 2014, Broadwell, the successor to Haswell will debut which will use less than 5w which means it can potentially fit into a smartphone. Again very impressive.

    With this roadmap, I am now thinking that Apple might be better off using Intel's CPUs for their iPhones and iPads. That would make more sense than using ARM CPUs for their Macbooks becuase those will not be powerful enough and it would be harder to port over Mac OS to ARM than it is to port over iOS to Intel's CPU.

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    • Haswell is a pivotal product for the industry enabling Intel's core architecture to serve all platform types; servers, desktops, tablets and probably smartphones. Broadwell will advance that goal even further. By 2014 there will be no CPU family that can serve as many platforms and device types as Intel can do with their Core architecture. You're looking at smartphones to supercomputers on a single CPU family.

    • By 2014 smartphones will be able to run full desktop OS's as virtual machines giving the user complete portability of the apps and computing environment. Intel based smartphones will be able run Android or W8 Phone as the host OS and W8 Pro as guest and most significant it will run the host and guest OS on native x86 ISA which means great performance. Microsoft will gain a strategic advantage over Apple in delivering great mobile performance with a common user experience from handheld to desktop, although desktop users still need the option to abandon Metro altogether.

      Apple will be at a significant disadvantage because it can't deliver native performance of MAC OS or its apps on ARM and Apple developers cannot rewrite MAC OS legacy apps by 2014. The most effective way for Apple to overcome this vulnerability is to adopt Intel architecture top to bottom. Apple customers won't be willing to be left behind the smartphone evolutionary path just because Apple has a Not-Invented-Here syndrome.

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