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  • marsavian marsavian Nov 17, 2012 8:18 PM Flag

    Marsavian kicks getanid61's teeth in, part 3

    While I am debunking ARM myths the biggest myth is the one East is peddling that they will just waltz in and take 20-30% notebook share. Well Intel have shown how they will combat that, did you see that $200 Acer Chromebook, it has a 1.3 GHz Sandy Bridge Celeron 867 that beats the 1.7 GHz ARM A15 Chromebook in both performance and price by large amounts. What harm did that do to Intel's main notebook prices ? Absolutely none as the performance leader gets to set the prices, ask AMD who know all about being well and truly Celeronized ;-). When Intel bring out a 10W Haswell Celeron there will be even less reason to look at an ARM notebook processor. In all my life I have never seen so much fuss made about such an unremarkable architecture like ARM and I have seen them all since the time of Mainframes !

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    • When do you think it will finally become obvious, even to the analysts? Intel's price can't start climbing dramatically until the ARM lovefest ends. 14nm?

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      • No, when 22nm Haswell and Silvermont are out there in volume it will be painfully obvious even to the ANALyst sheep that they backed the wrong horse. Remember that INTC has been swimming against this tablet fashion tide since iPad was introduced in 2010 but actual results defied the critics so the stock hit $29 regardless. What has happened lately is that Windows 8 and all the new different form factors caused a pause in PC inventory buying and the critics returned to hammer the stock down. Results have to start surprising on the upside again for the stock to rebound as nobody is pricing any hype or hope into this stock. I expect Q42013 to be the best quarter Intel ever had but there maybe results before then that turn the tide back again. Clovertrail is an absolute killer Windows 8 tablet processor and 10W Haswell will make the current Ultrabooks much more desirable so it's a question of how fast Intel can ramp these two new processors to add incremental revenue to its core business to convince the ANALysts INTC is a growth company again. Remember also that all stocks have been hammered since the election due the fiscal cliff stalemate, once that has been resolved all stocks will recover to the extent that the next great Bull market starts IMO. It's always darkest before the dawn, between now and the end of the year is the time to pick up any stocks you have had your eye on.

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