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  • aapl_1000 aapl_1000 Nov 19, 2012 6:48 PM Flag

    mobile at INTC

    I think the CEO ( and the company) were mislead by their mobile division hot heads. Now comes the judgement day to face reality. You miss once, you become the target. (BTW, I don't own any shares yet)

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    • There would not be much mobile without Intel's server business.
      A cent of profit made from ARM seems to equal a dime of profit made of x86 -
      I think we will see Intel go after foundry business WITHOUT compromising its core business -
      FPGAs / networkprocessors will be a key growth market.
      .....In regard to 20 nanometer nodeacegoa very little intention node, so you’ll see about from the 28 nanometer to the 20 nanometer node about a 1.7, 1.8 times the investment for the same number of wafer starts at the 28 nanometer node....
      28nm was approximately 2x of 45nm ...
      who is that fool that stated ARM chips are easier to manufacture....
      and Intel doe not even require EUV @ 10nm!
      Intel shrink chips and cost very fast

    • You really don't have any facts on this. I've never seen anything about Intel's strategy having anything to do with "mobile division hotheads" or wild predictions. Intel has never made any wild predictions in regards to mobility. They have studiously avoided them.

      Intel's strategy mirrors their earlier and wildly successful ones used to take over major markets. It's not an instantaneous, hot-headed approach. It's a calm, methodical approach. They've taken the time to prepare the foundation needed to win in mobility. They have laid out the steps and know if they just follow the path they will be extremely successful. The fruit of that labor is just starting to arrive.

      We'll see it arrive in 2013, starting with LTE offerings in the US. The new Intel tablet reference design is very promising. After 2013 Intel is going to own the power efficiency crown.

      In the meantime, ARM's foundries continue to struggle as their fabrication improvements grind to a halt. They will be paused at 14nm for so long it's going to look like they are parked. They have EUV and 450mm to deal with along with trying to find huge sums of money.

      Intel will have a huge lead in manufacturing capacity and technology. The ARM stock price is puffed up a like a blow fish. Intel has never been such a great buy. Those who continue to advocate shorting Intel are shills getting paid by the post.

      The recent (resurrected) story about Apple dumping Intel was such horse malarky yet the tech media distributed it everywhere. There wasn't a single bit of new information.

      You have to admire the manipulative abilities of the big Wall Street firm skumbags. Very impressive. As well as their just pure dumb luck. But it hasn't changed the value of Intel. Wait and watch. This story is a long ways from being over.

      We've had a dip while Intel gets traction on its mobility strategy. The economy and the politicians trying to tank the economy haven't helped. But economic recovery and energy independence are on the way. Building capacity during tough times will turn out to be a major key to Intel's success.

      It ain't over til it's over. It ain't over...


      It's not the will to win that matters...everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters. Paul "Bear" Bryant

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