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  • alexander.dumbass alexander.dumbass Nov 20, 2012 9:36 PM Flag

    will INTC write down MacFee like HP?

    The HPQ write down of goodwill was $8.8B out of their total of $36.8B goodwill on their books. Intel has a total of $9.6B goodwill which is spread over many company purchases and allocated to 4 of the Intel business groups. Check out the definition of goodwill to find out what it really is.

    Will Intel follow HPQ in the writedowns? No.
    The HPQ writedown is just Meg Whitman's clearing the books to lower the bar for HP going forward.

    IDC and Gartner both project a 10% PC growth over the next 5 years. Intel will take a big chunk of that growth.

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    • Macfee is the worst deal they ever made, not because it is pricey but it is totally irrelevant to their core biz. they wasted precious 7+B, it could have been used to revamp the mobile biz. INTC cant even get any non-CPU semi biz to work let alone a remote SW, The virus biz is not even a real SW biz, you can get most of those functionality free online these days. the last time I checked INTC balance sheet, I was shocked, 10.5B cash and 7.25B debt. it is no better than MRVL. I doubt PC will grow 10% for next 5 years, the consumer is shifting to tablet which does not run intel processor.

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      • blair.wagner Nov 21, 2012 7:56 AM Flag

        Now is the perfect time for INTC to get all the dirt (if there is any) on the table and and write it off.
        Drive the stock to what ever,then 6 months from now they will be coming back strong. Buy more
        if it dips and continue to collect a safe stable dividend.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • "will INTC write down MacFee like HP?"

        INTC will not write down any goodwill. You only "write down" goodwill or overvalued assets. Intel is very conservative when integrating acquisition. That was what I was primarily responding to.

        Is Macfee [sic] the worst deal Intel ever made? Maybe, but I doubt it. Intel has always had a difficult time in the retail business.

        If you think that the free online virus protection programs offer the same functionality, then corporate business does not share your view. That is why they spend the dollars for protection. If you trust the free programs to protect you, then use them.

        The Intel balance sheet just supported the build out of 22nm and 14nm fabs. I am shocked you were not paying attention to that part of the Intel business. The fabs are the real expensive part of the business.

        You can doubt the Gartner Group and IDC 10% PC worldwide growth forecast. When they see data that supports a change to their 10% forecast, they will adjust it.

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