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  • marsavian marsavian Nov 24, 2012 3:07 PM Flag

    Xeon Phi - Intel's very overlooked $2k wildcard

    'I agree, the 2000 $ price is a distortion of the market price. Anyway a lot of other players in and going in the space so margins and prices are going to be less than the good old days.'

    Don't be absurd, $2K is cheap for a 1 TFlops accelerator if you bothered to look at Nvidia and AMD's prices.

    'Also these just replace selling a bunch of x86 processors no ?'

    More likely to be replacing a gpu accelerator card. You will still need the original x86 processor for Scalar FP as all these accelerator cards specialty is Vector FP. In fact I can see the Workstation market receiving a good long term boost where the Phi replaces a high end gpu as a computational accelerator. Imagine selling a high end Haswell and Xeon Phi on each Workstation, it will be an awesome all x86 combination for the engineering professional.

    'Interesting that Intel sold them for a fifth of 2000 $.'

    I impressed they actually got much for them on the TACC supercomputer. Time after time you hear about the chips going into supercomputers being given away free just for the PR value.

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