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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Nov 21, 2012 7:52 PM Flag

    Intel acquired ZiiLABS but Creative did not sell GPU Ip instead licensed only..Great Move by Creative

    Now it gets interesting , Intel got Mobile GPU technology licensing and how will it impact the mobile GPU space in combination CPU in power consumption frontier?

    Intel has signed a $50 million deal with Creative Technology to acquire ZiiLabs, a UK-based subsidiary responsible for Android-optimized chip designs like the ZMS-40 and the ZMS-20. Of that $50 million, $30m will be for asset sales and engineering resources while the remainder will be for patent licensing in regards to ZiiLabs GPU technology, which might indicate a move away from PowerVR. We're not sure if this means Creative will soldier on with OEM-focused devices like the HanZPad, but at least now it'll have more money in the bank to explore alternative endeavors.

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    • So "StemCell Media Processing Core" must be their equivalent to a GPU processor core. Always baffled me. I wonder what Intel will do, if they'll keep the drivers closed or if they'll open them like all the other drivers they publish.

      When they talk GPU performance I suppose.

      I can see intel's interest given their Larrabee was a failure but they still continue the "many cores" road where this fits in perfectly.

      I'd like to see something coming out of it. From a SW perspective it's a pity that this will hardly be utilized and what we'll see at most is some sort of OpenGL driver/wrapper but no direct access to the chip. Could be a complete new way to write SIMD code.

      The ARM core will probably be dropped. Intel still has their own ARM licenses (no?). They have build an ARM core already if they wanted. But Zii is much more than just another "ARM" core.

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