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  • theblueredmonk theblueredmonk Nov 22, 2012 4:10 AM Flag

    Why INTC let QCOM & ARMH

    In 2006 Intel sold it's Xscale processor business to marvell. At that time they where the largest supplier of application processors/basebands to leading phone/pda's/smart phones.

    Basically, Intel owned the space but got out to focus on x86.

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    • It was not a wildly profitable business and is hardly now for Marvell who only made $68m last quarter. Apple or Samsung would not have used it in their phones. It's alright the herd bleating mobile and ARM every 5mins but only a very select number of companies are making billions doing it and those are the ones designing and selling the most popular tablets and phones, the chips are not hugely profitable in themselves. Why does virtually everyone want Intel to give up its huge profits just to sell chips for peanuts like everyone else ? Mass hysteria, just like the dotcom boom and it will end the same way.

    • Great question and answer is that Intel Management is so $ucked up and got so scared of ARMH cores and dumped it for only one reason to Kill competition but end up axing its own foot


      I was shocked when they dumped it to MRVL

      now it is very challenging to regain lost ground for Intel....These clowns should have focused on creating free OS and GPU domination for Mobile devices to begin with.......

      Just to protect Current Power Hungry Processor big fat profits they $ucked up on not accepting disruption head on......................

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