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  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Nov 22, 2012 5:16 PM Flag

    If Paul O.'s departure is so amicable then why...

    He failed to get into phones in volume on time.
    Intel wants a phone-mobile person as CEO and perhaps a software person too.
    While Intel obviously will have the best chips on the planet for years and years to come, giants like Samsung and Apple will pass on them if Intel is not able to rip away at the two with phones using Intel chips.
    I think Intel is going to get a phone guy and simply start to make their own Phones for sale.

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    • Intel needs drastic changes in corporate strategy and at their size drastic is difficult to digest. The CEO has a role to play but there's many stake holders involved in the decision making process. Their financial performance is characteristic of an old style company run by following ingrained process which lacks gut feel. They defined the PC market, thrived in it and got used to the idea that they knew what their customers wanted. Now, they're a company disconnected from reality with no one sensible to tell them that.

    • 'I think Intel is going to get a phone guy and simply start to make their own Phones for sale.'

      They already do that with the Intel reference design that Bell got done. The trouble with going flat out to design the best tablet or phone is that you might #$%$ off the OEMs you are trying to sell your raw chips to if you are becoming a flagship device competitor to them too. Look at all the OEM WinRT designs that were dropped because of MSFT's Surface ! This whole mobile situation is a delicate one to navigate and I think the only thing wrong with Intel's current path with Atom is that it is a couple of years late. If Medfield and Clovertrail had come out in 2010 with the rest of Intel's 32nm products we wouldn't be having this discussion as Intel would already be a big player in mobile using its own chips. It will get there anyway but it will take time. Luckily it has both a fabrication lead so it can go 2014 - 22nm, 2015 - 14nm, 2016 - 10nm. By 2016 Core and Atom will both be on 10nm and be making all the ARM chips look very puny in all markets.

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