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  • ashraf.eassa ashraf.eassa Nov 22, 2012 9:25 PM Flag

    Media Propaganda


    Uh, what? You do know that Intel's in a whole bunch of Samsung tablets, right? And did you know that Intel's powering a bunch of Android phones, including Motorola's Droid Razr i and its China Mobile variant...right?

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    • a bunch ???? toooo funny lol

    • Enlighten me as to which commercially available tablet or smartphone has Intel inside it TODAY in the US. Just curious if I can get one for the holiday season. I couldn't find any.

    • Intel is behind in the low power chip curve, that is not media propaganda. They have the Atom in very small percentage of smart phones. The best performing and selling phones are ARMH based, Intel may be dropped or reduced by Apple, not propaganda. Intel may come back, I don't know, but sales for PCs and laptops are going to keep slowing and that is where their bread and butter is right now. ARMH has a 90 percent smart phone market share in a very fast growing market.
      ARMH is now going after the server market and appears to have products that are very competitive. ARMH is growing fast, Intel is growing slow. Windows 8 did nothing to help Intel.

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      • 'ARMH is now going after the server market and appears to have products that are very competitive.'

        Only in a reality distortion world. If ARM even gets to 1% of the world server market I will be surprised.

        'ARMH is growing fast, Intel is growing slow.'

        Only ARMH's P/E is growing faster, Intel is the one making the real money out of the two. ARMH's actual earnings are pathetic.

        'Windows 8 did nothing to help Intel.'

        It's only just been released lol ! Watch Clovertrail take the huge majority of the windows tablet market next year.

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