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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Nov 23, 2012 2:18 PM Flag

    Oh pluck me--I need to cover my #$%$ pronto--say the shorts.

    Looks like the hedge funds are done with their shorts.
    Intel back to 25 before February ends and 30 is doable if a great CEO is landed along with Google Intel phones shipping in volume in America.
    Oh well---Guess the shorts had their day. It was a great short play--Intel from 28 to 19 something.
    Hats off to them all.
    But Intel is NOT little old AMD. Intel is a mean #$%$ nasty gut throat company which happens to have the best fabs in the world and shrinks to come in the Intel chips which will make them 50% better than any other chips made in volume on the planet.
    A new Young CEO--good looking--Hip---and ready to market like Stevie jobs did--is coming to Intel.
    Google phones shipping in Massive volume coming too (Motorola) Intel inside.
    Shrink to 14 nm trigate putting Intel in a position to butt pluckkk those who think Chips do not matter.
    I have been thinking and I think it is more likely than not that Samsung goes to Intel chips on the top end for CPUs in phones than it is that Apple will do it. Samsung uses android already and it has one goal in mind--to destroy Apple. Apple gave the finger to Intel thus getting CEO ottelini fired. The New CEO will look at Apple has the enemy and treat it like the Russian army treated the Nazi army--as a kill at any cost target.
    Samsung-Intel---they will make Apple ROADKILL
    Jobs would have never ever made this stupid move to screw Intel.
    He would have made the deal with Intel because he saw ahead instead of to the next quarter.

    Happy New Year Intel longs because when it goes over 30 in early 2013, you will be in a frrreaking good mood.
    HUGE stock market rally for the DOW coming as the GOPtards fold like a wet piece of paper to Obummer.
    He sure played you GOP for clowns.

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    • Well---I think there is just way way too much bad news forecast edge in this market.
      I mean to see the media tel the story, the world is coming to an end.
      American women have stopped shopping.
      The Middle East will catch on fire for the Big one.
      People do not need computers anymore--not even servers. We can do everything with some cheap Iphone--HAA HAA

      I mean really people. These are the same people, most of them rightwing wallstreet nuts, who told us for sure that Romney would win and that he would do so easily. So are they so so smart and rational? NO
      Obama, say they, will bring an end to the American way of life as we know it. He is a commi born in Africa who is not even an American citizen. They yelled and screamed to all their friends and as soon as the Ohio results were called by their own Fuxed up news, they went into hyper crying.
      I mean how could they all be so so wrong thought they. Forbes, Fox, O'riley, Hannity, Limbaugh, Rove and you name it--all rightwing trash were wrong. So we are supposed to invest our money based upon their opinions? PLEEEEEASE!!!!
      Not me
      If those clowns say down I say up.
      if they say NO--I say yes
      Now Intel you say? Same idiots who live in their own reality are trashing Intel.
      Intel will shrink to 14nm trigate and start to bury competitors.
      A deal with Samsung will come soon for phones and we have Motorola soon too in Intel powered phones.
      The New CEO is a positive and not a negative.
      Software--perhaps Intel products direct to come and that is all good.
      When Intel is making over 4 billion net a quarter by the end of 2013, will the idiots who said Intel was dead be around?

    • Shrink to 14 nm trigate putting Intel in a position to butt pluckkk those who think Chips do not matter.

      and who would take credit for this? the new CEO?

      someone mentioned Apple employs 7000 designers - that's pretty strong group - highly skiled and well paid - a very powerful group within Apple
      it might really not about who has the better chip (Intel or Apple designed chip) rather than politics - can't expect Apple designers to embrace Intel chip

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