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  • flumoxed11 flumoxed11 Nov 24, 2012 4:21 PM Flag

    Intel 48 Core Smartphone Supercomputer


    The cloud really isn't a very smart idea. It harkens back to the days of big central computing in business, IBM 360's and ceramic drives and punch card typists. The US serverplex is scarfing down some 80 Gwatts (80 nuclear power plants) worth of juice. And, really, who wants every bit of your personal existence on a server somewhere? Well, big brother's already here, but it will get worse. That Siri example in the above article shows the ultimate stupidity of it all and why 80 Gwatts are going up in smoke.

    With 48 fast smart parallel cores in my smartphone I am Mr. distributed computing. My smartphone plugs into a dock where my keyboard and 3 monitors and all the classic paraphenalia are so I can do some real computing. Yes, then the PC is dead, and INTC will have killed it (tho I'll still need a screen and a keyboard for travel. That;s it. the ultima-book, just the super multicore smartphone that transforms out of a PC form factor.

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