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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Nov 26, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

    The markets down because some of the rightwing dingbats believe the GOP talking point propaganda.

    I talked to a friend and he believes this trash the rightwing media spews. According to him, the end of life as we know it is near after The President was reelected. There is NO talking sense to him or any of the other poor GOP tools. They live in an alternative reality--or should I say Non-reality. He tells me now that his media people were not stupid but just pushing the party line when they said Romney would win. He knew--says he now, that Romney would lose and he wants to buy a gun now for the impending riots to come.
    I am serious. This is what he says.

    These guys live out in the countryside and believe the trash the rightwing media spews.
    He brings up taxes went up and I correct him and tell him Obama cut his taxes. He knows I am correct but the fact that he said it means he and so so many on the right are out of their freaking minds with fear.

    But oh well. You know what you do to people and the market to slap it back to reality? You ignore them and smile and simply go long and make money. When these idiots but back in it will be the end, not the start of the Bull run.
    I bet we get Dow 20,0000 or more in 4 years. 25,000 is doable.
    Unemployment will be down to 5% or lower and America will be the number one oil producer in the world in 4 years. Healthcare will be liked by 70% or more of the population. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be all over and our troops will be out. Huge savings for our nations there.
    The Dems will btch slap the GOP in the off year election and completely decimate the GOP in 2016 when another Dem gets elected Pres.
    Yet--talk radio and Fuxed up news will sit there spewing nonsense and 30% of the population will still believe it even though all facts show them that the propaganda is all lies.
    They want an America that never existed.
    The nation has always been screwed up and their ignorance makes them think otherwise.
    But it is way better now for most people than it used to be.
    KKK trashballs in the GOP base are getting old and will pass away in the next 20 years making the GOP republican south way of thinking useless.
    When Texas goes to the Dems in 8 years or 12 years at the longest, the GOP will be finished.

    I will be long in our markets for the next decade and I will cash in on the coming American boom.
    Intel--Phones wil be a winner for Intel and the media idiots are clueless.

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