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  • ashraf.eassa ashraf.eassa Nov 26, 2012 7:08 PM Flag

    A question regarding Ashraf's SA article about baytrail tablet chips this afternoon.


    That seems to be the plan, yes. Ivy Bridge is already in tablets, but battery life is not as good as something like Clover Trail.

    Haswell has a lot of delicious power gating/saving techniques that will make tablets a LOT more viable with the 10W version of the chip, but I think at 14nm is where we see an iPad-style tablet with a "Core" chip.

    Basically, the "Atom" line becomes the "Celeron" of tablets.

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    • There is a strong suspicion that Haswell will fully integrate the voltage regulator. By having the voltage regulator on the CPU, the Haswell microcode or the OS software can lower the voltage or shut down large section of the CPU (extra cores) . You can dynamically throttle parts of the CPU when subsystems are not needed.

      Software optimization to identify the performance/power sweet spots is also still underway and those results will be demonstrated at product introductions.

      6 weeks to CESW 2013. Should be an interesting conference.

    • Thanks.
      In the last conference call, Paul said Intel was sampling the 22nm soc server chips (avoton?) and they were pushing them hard. Will we see them Q1 2013?

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