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  • att4glte att4glte Nov 28, 2012 11:16 PM Flag

    A. Eassa, unreal


    This guy said on this board the other day that he was short ARMH, now writes a SA article on why ARM is such a great short for the entire world to see. THIS is what's wrong with our stock market. SKUMBAGS write articles to try and manipulate stocks to make money for THEMSELVES. It's DISPICABLE, shameful and has ruined the markets. Why are people that aren't even from America always screwing America up???????????

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    • don't feel bad. he starting writing for SA on MRVL in the 10-11 range or so and I bought bigtime (he said and still does say MRVL is way undervalued and gave reasons). I bought and MRVL fell to 7's. Now it's 8's but for how long? I need 10's to get out and 12's in another acct. These people know others will react to their recs. some short when they say to buy and vice versa.

    • gregory.lynn Nov 29, 2012 7:51 AM Flag

      Yet another thing that I agree with Ashraf about 100%, att4glte IS an idiot. If you take the time to read the artilce, and all of his responses to comments, you will see that he in fact does his homework. If I read your posts however, it is plain to see you in fact do not. Good luck to you anyhow, if you are long ARMH and/or short INTC you will need it.

      PS: Did you notice that there has been an unusually high number of January ARMH puts bought at the $35 strike. Makes you wonder, or in your case maybe not, idiot.

    • I am long ARMH and not bullish on INTC.
      However I do appreciate all points of view, though once you take a stake in something it does affect your POV. Calling people names is counter productive.

    • People that aren't even from America are buying Intel's chips driving up Intel's revenues. Should they stop buying Intel's chips because they are not in America? They say most of Intel's future growth is to come from emerging markets outside America.

      Becoming an SA author is an open process and there is no restriction on your opinions on the market. If that were not he case, where would be free speech? What makes you think someone expressing their opinion with open explanations and logic is manipulating stocks. Investors make their own decisions but they may follow someone's logic. That's not manipulation.

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      • what they should be able to do is confirm if they are long, short or neither to all writers or analysts. the problem is guy one says short INTC and isn't in the game but his cube or office mate just shorted 10MM shares and is reaping the benefits. Then after INTC falls 3 bucks, guy 2 comes out with a buy rec after guy one just bought 20MM shares of intc and rides it up.

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