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  • criticaltolerance criticaltolerance Nov 30, 2012 8:15 PM Flag


    On its way to $15 by end of year, the pc is dead. Tablets are the new pc.

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    • i agree the pc is on its last run.there is nothing to promote anyone to buy.
      You have to understand the big picture people !!!!!!

    • gregory.lynn Nov 30, 2012 8:47 PM Flag

      LOL!!!! Now that's funny, Intel will grow minimum 10% per year over the next 5 years. Has grown nearly as much for the past 5 years despite pundits screaming about the death of the PC. Look at the numbers not the charts, INTC is a coiled spring, IDIOT!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • They will do all, mobile, pc, tablets. Don't worry about INTC the're on track..everything doing fine and going to get much better. You just worry about where you cover...longs have nothing to fear. Maybe some patients but all damage that had been done to INTC is already done, old news and all priced in. Better have a flashlight looking for that $18 handle, even then you won't find it.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I would recommed that you make your investments based on your due diligence. Please bet the farm.

      You are, however, arguing "form factor". You are arguing poorly.

      The MP3 player is an entertainment device. Intel had no interest in battling for the MP3 player sockets (iPod).
      The smartphone form factor is a communication device. (Apple introduced the iPhone to protect their MP3 market).
      The tablet form factor is portable and solves a particular problem: media consumption and touch data entry.
      The laptop form factor has a keyboard, has a larger screen and more weight. It can solve different problems than a tablet.
      A desktop form factor allows expandability and more flexible non-portable configurations. Hard to run large apps on a tablet.

      If you argument is that the tablet is the thin client for a cloud based server, then the heavy application will be running on an Intel server somewhere.

      Intel valuation:
      In March 2009 when the SP500 hit a low of 666, Intel dropped to a low of $12.41.

      The Intel revenues have increased from $7b/quarter to $13b.
      The Intel gross profit has increased from $3.1b/quarter to $8.5b
      The Intel cash from opperations has incresed from $2.5b/quarter to $4.7b
      The number of Intel shares have dropped from 6.5b shares to 5.0b.

      The Intel book value per share has incresed from $7.30 to $9.80.

      The size of Intel has doubled (based on revenue, profits, ...), 50% book value and the number of shares is down by 20%. IDC and Gartner group projects 10% PC growth.

      If you consider the $12.41 low of Intel in March 2009 and adjust its value up by the $20% share reduction, then you get $12.41 + $2.48 = $14.99.

      If you then consider that one Intel share represents twice the revenue and twice the profit in March 2009, twice the dividend, twice the value.

      Go for it. Intel is currently price below its 2009 lows based on valuation. If the market takes a big drop, Intel might even reach $15 since ETF trading volume exerts substantial pressure on Intel.

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