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  • alexander.dumbass alexander.dumbass Dec 5, 2012 7:49 AM Flag

    What we now know

    Medfield was introduced in Jan 2012 at CES and was avaliable in Q2/2012. It will take more than 2 or 3 months of the first half to determine the ramp and success of Medfield.

    There is near zero information on response to Win8. I would not bother buying Win8 unless I had a touch device. I expect that many buyers make the same decision. The cross over to Win8 will be driven more by touch input devices than conversion to Win7 which was the first real 64-bit offering from MS.

    Another prognosis for Intel?
    1. Using extra fab capacity to contract products is always on the table. Intel has a couple years to make and unmake that decision. The foundry decision and how much is independent of IA. They have capacity right now to do both. What is interesting about the Rosepoint die map is the large size of the WiFi section. The WiFi section is larger than two cores. Think about how adding the WiFi to the SoC will stress the most expensive foundry capacity.

    2. There is no problem with Intel and its ability to innovate. The problem that Intel had was its success with netbooks. Yes. Netbooks. They filled the fabs and masked the evolution of the iPod MPG - iPod Touch - iPhone.

    Intel innovation will be to integrate the phone to a single chip and then to have the process and capacity to ship product when Samsung will be the only other game in town.

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    • How do you touch enable a desktop PC? I guess you could replace them all with touch enabled laptops.

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      • Replacement by laptops is what I expect to happen. The power savings of a new Sandy/Ivy Bridge laptop will pay for it.

        I am buying non-touch Sandy Bridge laptops for sub-$300 and distributing them to my kids as 2nd and 3rd PC for their children to use. Touch versions are $500. These laptops do not need any expansion. They need to access the WiFi printer and not much else. The mouse is even bluetooth so no cable.

        Unless you need to add some extra equipment (graphics, Intel PHI, ....) to your system, a laptop is fine.

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