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  • hector_cornholed_amders hector_cornholed_amders Dec 5, 2012 12:47 PM Flag

    Bucking a trend is NO way to make money BOY!

    Intel is going up. The deal with Apple is going to hit you shortys like a 2 by 4 across your heads.
    Obummer is going to win this fight and the GOP in the House will fold like a wet rag.
    The Repukes are already turning the Brand name toward a much more liberal party.
    The Reagon revolution is DEAD and GONE like Ronnie--it is a brain dead movement.
    Over Half the people 35 and younger identify themselves as Socialists. Now given that the current teabagging GOP is filled with neo nazi KKK birther nummmbnuts, it is hardly a good match for the young voters.

    The GOP really is a minority party now.
    OLD angry white men make up its main base and those old cluckers are dropping dead from age.

    Obummer is just the start of the nightmare to come for the GOP teabagging nuttts.
    The next Pres will be a DEM to the left of Obummer.
    YES--the young people are tired of rich old screwbags wrecking the lives of the majority.
    RIP Teabagging losers.

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