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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Dec 10, 2012 11:08 AM Flag

    Dear pakasheeit. NO--we are NOT in a recession but idiots on the right think we are.

    They are depressed and still crying after Obummer won an easy re-election. WAH WAH we want our country back say the LOSERS!

    Well---given that the Dems are optimistic and the GOP rightwing losers are pessimistic, it looks like the DEMS will be making money as we go into a bull market in the next year. The GOPTrash will lose money.
    You have to be a complete uneducated loser to not understand where we are now and we are seeing economic growth.

    PS Intel will get Apple in a huge agreement soon.
    Intel over 30 weeks after.

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