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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Dec 19, 2012 10:15 AM Flag

    WAHH WAHHH WAHH--Teabaggys want their country back. Crybaby loser redneck clowns.

    Go ahead and load your assault rifle and lock yourself at home waiting for the end of life as you know it while taking heavy dosages of prescription narcotics.
    Of course--you could continue watching Fuxed up news becoming more and more delusinal but now even Rupert Murdock--owner of Fuxed--is calling for gun control. This is really putting a sock over the mouth of the rightwing nuts like Hannity.
    Oh yeah--Fuxed told you Romney was going to win easily. He got his #$%$ kicked.
    Fux told you NO WAY healthcare Obamacare would pass--it passed.
    Fux now tells you the fiscal cliff agreement--GOP capitulation, will not happen--BUT it will.
    You tune into Rush and he tells you the GOP is in surrender and you cry.
    You scream into your wives face and she laughs and tells you she voted for Obummer as did most women.

    You are now thinking about going to the other side and becoming a #$%$--so you say. BUT--they are mostly libs too and hate you too.

    Maybe you can become a monk locked in a home out in a wheatfeld home someplace and simply listen to the religious rightwing media--they are still nuts and make you feel better.

    BUT--Intel is going up and you like that.
    You like making money.
    And since you are not making 250,000 dollars a year, your taxes are not going up you mmmooooron.
    Bull market will depress you because even making money while America has an illegal alien, #$%$ as Pres makes you upset.
    Never mind that most people like him and think you are sick.
    I guess if you go to far--we could commit you to the nearest nuthouse.
    Intel to 30.

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