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  • intelonly_please intelonly_please Dec 26, 2012 9:43 PM Flag

    Motorola RazrI review from a person that owns one, Intel inside (very exciting)

    I have had this device for just over a month now and I have to say I am very impressed with it.

    The "quirks" in the design, such as the slightly raised casework around the glass make perfect sense when you use it. However, the design trim around the camera does look pretty naff. But I don't spend that much time looking at the back of the phone. Overall I like the design and the fact its hardly any difference in size to the Nexus one I owned before, yet the screen size is 4.3" - excellent. The trend for ever larger phones is lost on me, this is big enough thank you.

    Good points:- It is very slick in operation. The phone has never crashed in the time I have owned it. Battery operation is 1 day comfortably with normal use, but intensive use, such as several hours on games or facebook will get you reaching for the charger within a day - but at least you do have to try. Nexus one would routinely torch the battery in 12-16 hours on normal use. SD card slot, major bonus! The screen is bright and, while not a "retina" display, it's clear and easy to read.

    Bad points:- You can't use BBC iPlayer because the BBC media player app does not install. SD card only accepts up to 32Gb. Camera is not the best in low light, colours lack saturation and accuracy. All apps store on the phone memory, there is no option to move to the SD card, but at least there's 5Gb of storage on board to use. I wonder how well this phone will be supported for android updates, something Motorola have been very slack with in the past.

    Overall I am very happy with my choice and even happier that it is not Apple or Samsung.

    To answer the question above the phone records and plays back at 1080, so video files of this size should be OK.

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    • Motorola makes some of the best phones IMO. I own one and love it. Problem is market share is somewhere around 5 percent and dropping. I think Google X is really more a marketing move than a technology improvement. Samsung and Apple make the majority of the profit. So much more competition in the smartphone space then ever was in PC means lower profits for chipzilla.

    • I found a chart showing that T Mobile, Orange and others are giving this phone away for FREE with a contract.
      Intel is gonna move a lot of mobile chips............A LOT of them. What a buy at 20 a share!

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      • Went to the Orange site in the United Kingdom. Found Several excellent reviews of the RazrI. Here''s just one of them:

        Extremely fast, very responsive, beautiful screen, very easy to use, excellent "guide me" interactive tutorials for Android newbies.
        Excellent battery life - for example as I write this after 14 hours my battery is still at 56% - easily exceeds 24 hrs for my normal use, amazing for such a powerful smart phone.
        Very high build quality and robust with the aircraft grade aluminium and Kevlar case and the Gorilla glass screen.
        Very good value for money - a very high spec phone at a fraction of the cost of other latest top end smart phones.

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