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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Dec 28, 2012 8:46 AM Flag

    GOP teabagging Nazi clowns taking the market much lower.

    God is talking to them.
    Their god of course is a white wing old man wearing a white hood.
    Just make some money or at least avoid losing money.
    If you are already long in Intel, HOLD ON and under NO circumstances, sell at this ridiculous price or the lower prices that likely will come as the GOP in the House suck DICCCCCKKKK!

    BUT--of course--you should be short the market for now and be laughing as #$%$ John--beats ooooooffff and cries as his teabaggging right members of his house yell a rebel yell causing disaster for a time.
    Those good old boys just cannot take the fact that the Pres is BLACK. They are willing to cut off their little nuts just to hurt him. They cannot believe that they--Masta--cannot tell that Yankee sccccccum what to do.
    He is laughing at them and they are just throwing a fit for now.

    But in the end--HUGE corporate money will push the GOP in the house to have a vote in the house and the Obummer plan will pass.

    Hey boy--Virginia went OB AGAIN.
    Likely, your wife voted for OB!

    By the way----Intel Apple is going to happen in phones and Ipads.

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