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  • bacbacker3 bacbacker3 Jan 2, 2013 9:36 PM Flag

    Played with MS Surface and Lenovo Yoga today at Best Buy

    Sounds like instead of the tablets cannibalizing the PCs, it looks like the opposite will happen; the newer touch-enabled convertible and detachable PCs will be cannibalizing the tablets.

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    • Both MS and Intel think the Surface Pro will be a true game changer. The Surface merely tested the waters. This is where the rubber really hits the road. With full support for legacy Windows apps, the Surface Pro is like a PC that has been shrunk and pared down to its bare essentials. At this form factor, it's low weight and small size really makes its users see it in a different light. It's like an Ultrabook, only half the heft and all the features.

    • Ballmer is truly a genius.

    • Laptops and tablets represent two different ways of interacting with a computer. Most work gets done using the laptop but touch offers some conveniences for consuming content. The tablet by itself far more limiting than a laptop by itself while the hybrid device delivers the best of both. Provided the hybrid is priced correctly for the extra flexibility it is easy to understand why consumers would buy these over simple tablets. Also, all W8 hybrid laptops offer full x86 compatibility when using the tablet which delivers far greater power and versatility than ARM based devices.

      Going forward there will be so many models of hybrids that it will become the default form factor for laptops.

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