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  • amdroadkilldec2009 amdroadkilldec2009 Jan 3, 2013 4:23 PM Flag

    Intel breakout is near. 35 this summer. Apple Intel

    Yeah sure Apple is goona use second rate fabs from taiwan. NOT
    Apple will be loving Intel long time and paying for love in Intel's state of the art fabs here in the USA!
    Intel will make tablet chips first and then smart phone chips in 2014 for apple.
    of course not to mention the Apple watch with Intel inside to come.
    Apple want a HOOO and Intel, for the right price, can make Apple explode BIG time.

    Long Apple and Intel.
    OT: I am still laughing and Hannity on Fuxed up news. His viwership is down 50% after he was spewing nonsense for a year about how Romney was goona win for sure in a landslide.
    DUMB horses aaaaasteroid--
    But in the end--you repukes have yourselves to blame for letting the rightwing teabbagging trash in the GOP door. They are like a disease. You repubs swallowed their BS and now your party is sick and going down down down.
    Obummer won re-election with 8% unemployment and real unemployment of 15%.
    This is unheard of in modern times but never ever has a party been so so freaaaking stupid. Well not since the Confeds split and started a civil way. At least the Johnney rebs fought for their cause. The teabaggers just cry like little bbbtches.

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