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  • tsmtobeatintc tsmtobeatintc Jan 3, 2013 6:46 PM Flag

    Will Intel See Another Symbolic Loss in 2013? (probably)

    With how the application processor value chain is evolving right now, Intel (NASDAQ: INTC ) , faces incredible uncertainty heading into the mobile revolution. Once upon a time, it had a stranglehold supplying chips to computing devices, but that's loosening now that consumers increasingly connect via smartphones and tablets with no Intel inside.
    Will Intel see another symbolic loss in valuation in 2013? Chip manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor (NYSE: TSM ) isn't far behind now
    At the rate that the two are going, it's very conceivable that Taiwan Semiconductor's valuation could top Intel's by year's end, as the former is the dominant chip manufacturer. If you look at each company's recent growth figures for both top and bottom lines, it's obvious why each player's market cap trajectories are heading up or down.

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    • "Chip manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor (NYSE: TSM ) isn't far behind now..."


      Tell us about the TSMC roadmap. It's a disaster. TSMC is in danger of becoming the most recent ARM foundry unable to afford to stay in fabrication race. They are not only very far behind, the distance is increasing. Read up. Nothing good being said about ARM 20nm planar...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Every Motley Fool writer has to take a swing at Intel and pump the ARMH hoard. Now the writers themselves are following up to SPAM the board to get attention too.

      The unbiased Evan Niu writes his Motley Fool article and then follows it out to the board. Pretty low class Evan, even for a Fool writer.

      Have some courage like Nenni and drop he ID ....


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