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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Jan 5, 2013 11:21 PM Flag

    Intel Merrifield To Be Announced At 2013 Mobile World Congress

    Intel is not going to stay silent on the smartphone market. The technology giant is reportedly developing a special smartphone SoC processor known as Intel Merrifield.

    During the test using graphics benchmark application, NenaMark2, Intel Merrifield which used dual core technology capable of delivering 58 Fps.

    The new processor also showing a good performance while tested using the AnTuTu benchmark application, with 31612 points of result the outcome is 3 times better than the score achieved by the Galaxy S III and HTC One X which are powered by Tegra 3.

    Merrifield is rumored to be installed on Intel’s smartphone, Redhookbay, which allegedly will run on Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. Intel Merrifield is also rumored to run at the speed of 1.6 GHz to 2 GHz.

    For the graphics section, Intel Redhookbay is said to be powered by the PowerVR SGX 544MP. The smartphones was also allegedly to offer LTE (Long Term Evolution) connectivity.

    As quoted from Guru3D on Thursday (01/03/2013), SoC Intel is rumored to be announced at the 2013 Mobile World Congress in February.

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    • Can you say margarine compression ? can ya ? better learn. Aint like sellin PCs with a monopoly and a slush fund ....ohno. VERY competitive and being fab a riific dont help much at all. Hi Wally .and his alter boy egos.

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      • With 22nm, trigate and OOO all in place, I think its Intel's time to celebrate. 2103 is the year the power/performance/cost proposition of Intel's mobile chips crossed that invisible border.

      • Are u nuts? Intel is basically the mobile backbone with its servers targeting both cloud & individual company data centers. Expect that business to grow from 20% of Intel's current profits to over 50% within 3 years. That alone makes INTC a $40 stock. Of course, none of the idiot analysts mention this when they trash Intel on a weekly basis.

      • What does a butter substitue have to do with it or did you mean margin? Hope your analytical skills are better than your spelling.

      • TSM is a merchant foundry and its gross margins this quarter are 48%. Intel's gross margin was 63%.

        Intel has 2012 revenues of about $55b.

        If you make an assumption that the incremental Intel margin is 38%, which 10% lower than TSM, then what would the Intel revenue be if they doubled their revenue??

        Won't the blended margin of Intel (63% current and new 38%) be 50.5%?

        Intel revenues would go from $55b to $110b and
        Intel gross profits would go from $34b to $55b?

        There would be some impact in the product mix but the positive impact of new products would outweigh that.

    • With no integrated 4G/LTE, Merrifield is DOA compared to Qualcomm's new chip so until after 2104 when Atom shrinks to 14nm, it's Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm as the top three smartphone chip suppliers. Intel can compete with Nvidia for 4th place.

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      • I am losing track of all the variations and going blind trying to figure out how to translate the marketing-speak into English. There is no Bing translator for marketing-speak. It is intentionally vague and designed to string discontiguous facts together in sentences that are technially correct but contain less information than it appears on first reading.

        The MCM packaging can hide that shortcoming for a period of time.

        I think there will be 4 big players but I don't think NVDA will be among them.
        Alpha order:
        Apple with their following and their history of innovation. They need to secure fab.
        Intel with their fabs and installed infrastructure (just not in the low end).
        Qualcomm with their patent portfolio and advanced designs.
        Samsung with their fabs, designs and retail muscle.


      • The Z2580 will be paired with Intel's XMM 7160 LTE baseband.


      • So you have switched back to schizoid basher mode ? lol

        Clovertrail+ (Z2580) will ship with Intel's XMM 7160 LTE baseband


        The 7160 is an upgraded version of the XMM 7060 that adds support for 3GPP Release 9. The full specs of the solution are below:

        Intel XMM7160 LTE
        3GPP Rel.9, FDD-LTE Cat 3 (100Mbps DL/50Mbps UL); CSFB, capable for VoLTE, SRVCC, E911 over LTE. TDD-LTE/TD-SCDMA
        3GPP Rel.9, DC-HSPA+ Cat 20&24/Cat7 (42Mbps DL/11.5Mbps UL)
        2G Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
        HSPA+/UMTS Penta-Band 850/900/1900/2100/AWS MHz
        LTE Hepta-Band 850/1800/1900/2100/AWS/2600/700 or 800 MHz
        Android telephony framework and UI extensions

        The Z2580 also received upgrades on the modem interface side to cope with the increased bandwidth from the LTE baseband. Remember the Z2460 launched with a HSPA+ baseband pair (XMM6260).

    • Until Merrifield has on-chip LTE, Intel's 2 chip LTE solution will be a power-hog compared to Qualcomm's new Snapdragon with integrated LTE. Another example of what the ability to customize your SoC and the smaller size of your core buys you.

    • merry feelings can only be obtained by going to Santa Clara and getting some of the good stuff. HokaPoka fun. Serious superior fabrication and shillage.

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