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  • coinmaker77 coinmaker77 Jan 6, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

    New MAC's coming with ARMH chips inside, OH NO INTC


    New MAC's coming with ARMH chips inside, OH NO INTC

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Just a suggestion. You really do need to get a life.
      What? You cannot get out because of health? OK
      Then spend your time in a more useful and stimulating way.
      Watch great movies. Get on line and watch a movie from China--2046. You will like it.
      It is beautiful the way the movies here used to be shot.

      Do you like to watch NBA games? Try betting a couple and maybe you mind find you have a talent for that and it is more entertaining then here. I mean this Intel board is DEAD now.

      If you can get out, you really should get out to California. It is beautiful. Go North of San Francisco up the coast. Then drive over the coastal mountain range into the Mt Shasta area to see a beautiful volcano covered with snow. You can drive down to lake Tahoe and do some gambling or simply enjoy the entertainment. People all around you and it can be fun at night. You can meet a friend there.
      What--You are rich but angry? OK---If you are hetero--meet a beautiful woman and love her. If you are gay--meet your lover and do the same. Same thing love is.

      Get a dog and a cat.
      By the way---NOBODY know what will happen in tech in the next 4 years. It is crazy.
      Just put a little of your money on all sides and when the winner shows up--move it all over to the winners.

      Being in Love is the cure you know.
      99% of men do not need the blue pills to get it hard but simply need to be in love.
      Intel---it is still all about phone chips. if Intel fails there, Intel loses. But if it wins, the stock will see 100.

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      • You're right, I do need to get a life. As far as health is concerned, I do suffer from mental health issues, primarily OCD. Probably time for Dr. to "up" my meds.

        Am constantly angry but definitely not rich. I've frittered away my parent's money, buying high, selling low and then shorting stocks when they reach their low, like Intel. Shorted it at $19.23 and have been bitter ever since. Trying to find a greater fool than myself hasn't been easy.

        As far as romance, women won't date me due to my looks and say that I'm dull upstairs. My mother drank like a fish while pregnant causing me to develop a condition called microcephaly. One time, I hired a $20 prostitute, but she refunded me when I showed her my parent's unfinished basement with the army cot. As a result, my love life has been in shambles. Have been forced to troll the men's room at the local bus depot. Some men will have pity on me, urinating or dumping on me. For this, I'm grateful.

        In general, sorry for my behavior on this board and will try to do better. Hoping you will hate me less over time.

        Lucifer N. Nuff
        (poor excuse for a man)

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