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  • hector_cornholed_amders hector_cornholed_amders Jan 8, 2013 1:26 PM Flag

    Did Romney lose? You mean Hannity lied to us?

    Gawddddang are we good old boys from the South who happen to be Nazis--stupid.
    Yet--40% of the people down in the heart of the south are already Dems and soon, we true Americans will have to leave the nation and form a new country for WHITS--Teabaggers--nazi--former slave holding war starting true americans.
    What? Obummer is half white? NO--in the south you are still 100% NG when you are even 1% black.
    The French thought we were animals even in 1776 because we owned slaves. Lincoln, that #$%$ sure plucked us up. He let Sherman go into our countryside and beat the sheeet out of us. Those Yankee boys #$%$ on us.
    We cried like little bttches and now we talk big but we southern #$%$ are useless losers.
    Is God black now too?

    Hey southern teaparrty trash--some of your family hate you and vote Dem.
    Alabama wins a football game---with Black running back ls boy.

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