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  • amdsuckks amdsuckks Jan 11, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

    East says? Well he would say that wouldn't he.

    One would not expect him to say that Intel is going to rip into Arm sales and destroy our company. (ARMH)
    So, Arm is peddling the same virtual gorilla nonsense that AMD used to spew. It went something like this when AMD used to say it.
    (it is not AMD vs Intel. It is Intel vs all the other companies who hate Intel) Clearly this and clearly that and we will do this and that and 50% marketshare and clearly.

    Of course, companies do not give a rat's about where they buy their chip as long as the chip makes money for them. Thus we see AMD in a slow but sure death spiral.

    Now about ARMH. Yes---a huge advantage it has. BUT--not where it counts. The advantage of being first is a huge advantage but it never ever holds up on its own. Yeah--where is your Netscape people? How about your Blackberry? That cassette player is great. Armh is only as good as its last product in comparison to the last Intel chip. As soon as Intel has a vastly superior chip, and it will soon, the 95% market share the blowhard from ARM is repeating will be laughable and gone.

    Stiff upper lip and all. Yeah sure, Intel is no threat and that must be why all you ARM fanboys are over on the Intel board posting endlessly. No threat is why.

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    • Agree, well said. I would add that the additional similarity to AMD's propaganda is the notion that Intel has this huge server market and "all we have to do be rich is just to get a small percent of Intel's lucrative server business". However, East conveniently omits exactly how that would be done in the face of Intel's extraordinary server product lineup and without the benefit of x86 compatibility.

    • Well said and it is qually commi of CA that will be hurt most by Intel.
      ARM is now and always has been a LITTLE, loser clown company.
      The main players in chips are Intel, Apple, and Samsung. the others are aleways going to be there and new ones will come. The highend is the only place to make money though.
      Likely, Armh will be dead and gone in 5 years or so. it is a teriffic short play for that reason.

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