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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Jan 11, 2013 3:05 PM Flag


    Gloflo couldn't make 28nm chips for AMD but they want us to believe they will have 14/16nm FinFETS in about a year. They should lock people up for claims this baseless. Their marketing people are even more unfettered than those of TSMC and that's going some. Of course, ARMs East is running his mouth in some similar ways. All just going to come back to haunt him. He runs his mouth, Intel builds six 22nm/14nm factories. I have to like Intel's response. East will be out there waiving his popgun when Intel runs over him with a tank. East shouldn't be talking so much smack - he has bubble trouble and a fabrication crisis. Maybe he should go deal with them as best he can...

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    • Intel Fab42 --- gearing up for production THIS YEAR
      Intel Fab42 is 14nm TriGate again.

      Intel, which employs about 10,000 people in its Chandler operations, is pushing its Atom chip for tablets. It’s a chip that has already appeared in mobile devices.

      More interestingly, it was announced that Intel's Core chips would be heading to mobile devices -- mostly tablets. Those chips previously had run serious desktops and laptops. Those are the kind of chips Chandler’s production facility has made.

      Intel is gearing up to start production at its $5 billion Fab 42 this year, which will produce cutting-edge chips at its Ocotillo campus.

    • Read their news releases and quotes very closely. Beyond 20nm they are talking about migrating down processes in half-steps. For example, they will build 14nm transistors on a 20nm dimensions. It is sort of a hybrid process that allows them to migrate down in 1/2 steps.

      Very strange.

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      • Not only strange but sounds like a recipe for bad yields too. A sure sign of desperation. 20nm shrinks are apparently the only sure things in Foundry World and that will give them 20% more performance or 20% lower power but at higher cost. 20% of anything is not going to suddenly transform a 4W 1.7 GHz A15 into a proper mobile processor, it will need a a proper 14nm FinFET process at least but probably more like 10nm FinFET. I can see these guys doing endless architectural tweaks and new steppings at 20nm to eke out improvements just like AMD does now.

        The 2.7 GHz Baytrail is going to lay some serious blows on the 1.7 GHz A15. For those of us who have followed the x86 wars over decades know how this story ends in the end (AMD going from $42 to $2 is one example) but this severe level of competition is all new to the ARM guys who are used to a monopoly and just trundling along at their own pace. They are still at the Denial stage of Grief ;-).

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