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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Jan 12, 2013 5:09 PM Flag

    Wallis, did you read the barron's piece on ARM CEO interview.

    "When I propose to East that ARM's taking a larger share of the traditional WinTel notebook chip market would be a psychological victory of some sort, he brushes aside the suggestion. “It doesn't matter because it's already evident to most people that these kinds of ARM-based systems are eventually going to take over” the large bulk of traditional computing."

    [When Intel chips are the market leaders in performance and power efficiency and competitive in price, why would anyone assume that ARM would take over the bulk of traditional computing? The guy acts as if fabrication will be frozen today and never advance. Well, that's pretty much true of ARM but certainly not Intel. But, hey - what's the guy going to say? That given the trend in fabrication, Intel will turn ARM into AMD in three years? He's not going to say it but that's what is going to happen. We got solid proof of that at CES...]

    "When I reply that a transistor cliff would imply some companies wouldn't be able to progress at all, he replies, “I'm not sure I buy the notion of a transistor cliff; I think there's a lot of marketing fluff in that.”"

    [Intel is closing the power efficiency gap with ARM faster than anyone thought possible and they are doing it substantially but not entirely with superior fabrication. Let's see what Mr. East has to say when Intel's 14nm products hit the streets and the deals start falling Intel's way. Maybe then he will admit that ARM has gone over the edge of the transistor cliff...]

    [It doesn't really matter what Mr. East says. ARM will be at 28nm for a very, very long time, 20nm planar will be significantly problematic and 14nm FinFET non-existent for ARM for years and years. Intel will continue to move the node process every two years. To say that will not effect ARMs ability to compete is just not true. It changes everything...]

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