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  • amdmonkey112 amdmonkey112 Jan 17, 2013 9:29 AM Flag

    Do us all a favor and tell your teabagging friends that they are stupid AHOLES!


    Those idiots think their assault rifles would be needed for the next revolution. HAAA HAAA
    Truth is, the airforce flies over your head and drops a 5000 lb gas bomb on you and sends you instantly to HELLLL anytime you think you want to over throw the government.
    OR--simply flies a drone quietly over you, watches you get in your car, and then hits you with a missile sending you to Teabagging nummmbpluck heaven where I am sure you will see Jesus.
    In your heaven he will be carrying an assault rifle and be white--not a jew like in real life. There will be grits and beer and you do not even have to learn to read.

    Jesus Christ was a smart Jewish man you idiots.

    To say you are ignorant Teabagging Reb losers would be understating.
    My pet dog when he eats #$%$ is still smarter than you crackas.

    This topic is deleted.
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