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  • paul.ottelini paul.ottelini Jan 19, 2013 12:12 PM Flag

    If the "Death of the PC" is here...

    then why is it that we see alot more desktop and laptop offerrings that we do with tablets?
    Why is it that the success of laptop and desktop selling companies is more widespread than it is for tablets?
    For example, the only known success for tablets is the ipad. Nobody else seems to be successful in this area at this time. The reason could be that the tablet is such a simple form factor and so limitted in capabilities, that most consumers see the ipad as the only choice. And after purchasing one, they see that it is mostly useful as a complimentary computing device.
    Is the kindle successful? Maybe Amazon thinks so, but the sales of less than a million a quarter are only possible through a huge money losing discount.
    The facts are that over 80 million desktops/laptops/ultrabooks are still sold per quarter.
    That doesn't sound like the PC is dying to me.
    It only sounds like it is doing slightly worse than its huge selling year of 2011.
    Relative to 2011 it may look slightly weak but relative to the year when the ipad was first introduced, the PC sales are clearly higher today.
    And the lines between laptops and tablets are already starting to blur with the innovation of Intel and its partners.

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    • More likely in the future (after first PAD burst cools down), tablet is just ONE of the computing devices, much less important than laptops/desktops, while some mixed and convertable models will come too. Intel, with its strong R&D resources and budget will fill the gaps sooner than later. The dynamic impact due to PAD will stabalize in 1~2 years, the winners will be the one who have fundamental technologies an consistent investment. If this predictoin is true, current drop of INTC created good investment opportunties for long term investors, and believers.

    • The "death of the PC" is humorous. The creative types I know require graphics cards that are 10 inches long and require 1200 watt power supplies just to edit their videos. Some of the folks use two or three of these $500 graphics cards in the same desktop or workstation. This level of performance isn't available in a laptop and certainly not a tablet.

      Video has become an essential part of the web for businesses and consumers and the demand for more horsepower and larger capacity storage will only grow as more content is created and video resolutions increase across consumer and professional cameras.

      The desktop serves a specific role that will not be easily replaced by currently envisioned portable and mobile products.

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      • You did not mention big screen TV in home users. Digital TV will interact with other devices, and this ill be a next big thing for computing technolgies. Even Apple may has to use Intel chips in their TV products.

      • If you want to watch BluRay quality video from the internet, which is becoming more and more common, you also need a pretty robust sound card in order to avoid audio degradation. You're not going to get that in any laptop or tablet either.

        Of course, there are those like khitchykook who are totally and completely satisfied with tinny sound and the ability to play solitaire and think everyone else should be as well. We just don't need performance anymore. Right, kook?

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