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  • galba_imperator galba_imperator Jan 23, 2013 4:55 PM Flag

    INTC getting crushed in AHs..


    The problem for everyone is (maybe was) weak China.

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    • France's PMI indicates it is in recession. yeah go Euro Zone. Russia has a 15 percent flat income tax, I suppose they learned........the hard way.

    • Spain's unemployment rate just hit a record 26 plus percent . wowza. I gotta go find some good news.

    • Only shorts would continuously classify 10 cents as getting crushed. Of course, the one man shill show measures everything in life in 10 cent increments. Tells you something.

      Shills predicted Intel would be 15 this week. So they predict dollar drops and yet claim 10 cents as victory. You go, Fudds. You go....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Nasdaq futures are down 40 points, things change quickly though. I am pretty #$%$ that Intel was supposedly ready for all this future change and now they have to spend an additional bunch a BIllion dollars to really be ready. I see prices for all the tech toys prices coming down from my own day to day experiences and even at work. I am long Intel since low twenties and will it give it no more than 18 months to make some inroads into mobile or something. I am quite sure the TV idea is a huge mistake and PC s while not dead, are really struggling and prices are surely weak. Fabrication is almost nothing from what I have seen, it is all about marketing and consumer acceptance, witness Apple. Looks like North Korea may test another Nuke too. Sheeesh.

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