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  • paul.ottelini paul.ottelini Jan 23, 2013 8:26 PM Flag

    The real future of iPads.

    Not what analysts would have you to believe. But this is the reality of where ipads are more likely to go.
    Right now they are just a new item that most people want to give a try. Especially kids. "So and so kids have one, so I want one too."

    But this paragraph from a recent article says what's really going on with these ipads.

    "First, let me state the obvious. Intel (INTC) has had a rough patch and it appears little improvement will occur in the near future (i.e., Q1/2 2013). The bet with INTC, however, is that as smaller, more energy efficient chips come on line, they will make headway into the tablet space and, eventually mobile. My understanding is that they are 12-18 months ahead of the competition in terms of these new chips. They already have a presence in both tablets and mobiles but it is marginal at best. Speaking of tablets, Intel's near-term bet is on the so-called hybrid-tablet, which they term ultra-book and is basically a tablet with a keyboard. Personally, I think they are going to be successful there. Tablets are "fun" but, outside the very low price point (e-readers), I just don't find them very functional. Neither does anyone I've spoken to, nor my kids either. In fact, I joked in a comment recently that if I could find my kids' iPads, I'd find all my missing socks. I'm not kidding - they just don't use them. Also, maybe I am just old in the way, but I have serious doubts about the death of the desktop PC, particularly in emerging economies."

    The future of tablets is more like to be an extension of an ultrabook or even a desktop complimentary device. They may bundle these stuff together with desktops or hybrid laptops.
    Something like having a jetski attached to a boat. The boat handles most of the tasks and the load, but the jetski is there for the extra fun. To say that tablets can replace a PC is more like saying a jetski will replace the need of the whole boat or yacht.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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