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  • amdsuckks amdsuckks Jan 25, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    GOP meltdown. They surrender to Obummer and give him debt ceiling AGAIN.

    That fuxed up news meltdown by Karl rove on election night has caused even fuxed up news to chance slowly. Sure--we have Hannity there still spewing 100% rightwing hate toward Obummer but Fuxed is now hiring a few Libs to talk.
    Hannity has his ratings down 50% and that means even you teaparty inbreds are bored with his BS!

    OK--I want my country back?
    Where are the protests? OH---would rather drink some corn whiskey and look at porn on the Internet would you. You old white men, the base of the current GOP, are all growing old and dropping dead and so the GOP is going to toss you idiots off the boat soon.
    YEAH--you teabaggers will scream and attempt to change the electoral college game in states but the moves will be blocked by your own party because they know to do something so unfair would simply drive more voters to the Dems.
    SO---When Hillary gets elected in 4 years and the Dems hold the House and Senate, will you GOP nuts stop you southern call for States rights? OH YEAH--the Dems will of course go to courts to unturn the stupid plans to draw up electoral maps to allow the GOP to win the Presidency with just 40% of the popular vote.

    Like you idiots thought that would work?
    GAAAAAAWDDDDAMNNMMED are you mfkers stupid crackas.

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