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  • amdroadkill2010 amdroadkill2010 Jan 28, 2013 8:06 PM Flag

    Only a complete idiots would be short Intel now.

    That tick tock you hear is ahead of the several explosions to come this year which will blow up all things blocking this Intel stock in its run-up to all time highs. The highs will not come this year but the deals and movements in the product lines that will push Intel up are coming this year.
    Massive deals with phone makers in China and Europe---Massive deals with chips in phones running with Google owned companies in America and the world----14 nm chips using Trigate.
    Take it to the bank--although you will not.
    Huge deals coming with Cisco--Google--and yes--even Apple.
    Likely even HUGE and mean Samsung will use Intel chips in its high end smart phones and tablets.
    Revenues to triple over current levels in three years and Net Profits will be---In-friken credible.

    Credit goes to the EE people and the fab people.
    Intel went to war. It was facing severe damage and possible irrelevance. Dozens of companies seemed to be against Intel but in reality there was a small thin front Intel had to break past to annihilate its competitors making Arm chips. One battery life and power usage became superior for Intel at 14 nm--the Arm army was dead and Intel was charging like the Russian army to Berlin.
    Intel will leave dead all over the road as it goes from near 0 percent market share to 90% market share in smart phones.
    Like Johnny rebs--the Arm solders were simply outgunned by superior technology and brute force.

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