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  • paul.ottelini paul.ottelini Jan 28, 2013 10:35 PM Flag

    So the data suggests that tablets will cannibalize PC sales?

    So far, it has pretty much been the iPad.
    Most other tablet makers have seen such a low demand for their tablets that they had to sell them at less than cost.
    So what data do we have so far?
    Since the tablet first came out to be this gotta have product by Apple, in the last 9 quarters, Apple has sold a total of 117 million units. That's 2 years and 1 quarter worth of sales.
    Oh the devastation this has caused the PC!
    Such a devastation that PC unit sales have only been in the neighborhood of about 775 million units.
    PC unit sales for the past 2 years at least since the iPad has been in full production have been 6 times the tablet sales?
    Wait a minute!
    The tablet or iPad in particular is a very new item, like the iPod was.
    So it makes sense that it sees such a large growth.
    But the final numbers still show a very mature PC still sells in a much higher quantity that the tablet.
    We will see how the tablet stacks up against an all in one ultrabook that can be used as a tablet thanks to the power and efficiency that are both afforded thanks to Intel based products.
    Evidence shows that hybrid ultrabooks seem to be in high demand.

    In the meantime, iPad sales grew from 45 million units in 2011 to 65 million units in 2012.
    While PC unit sales stayed the same which is about 352 million units.
    Now the most bullish tablet analysts that are trumpetting the success of tablets over PCs claim that tablet sales will grow from 182 million units in 2013 to 230 million units in 2014.
    While PC sales drop down to 338 million units in 2013 but not sure where they will be at 2014.
    The clarity of how they count a tablet over a PC seems to be blurred since Intel's ultrabook hybrids could be both.
    The bottom line is that a total of 530 million tablet/hybrid/laptop/desktop units are expected to be sold in 2013 and 570 million tablet/hybrid/laptop/desktop units are expected to be sold in 2014.
    Obviously this is great for Intel since Intel has at least 20 tablet wins already and growing showing that they have the whole market for computing devices covered. The smartphone market will only be icing on the cake for Intel.

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    • The data sure doesn't support the "death of the PC" hysteria some analysts have claimed. And you are correct that with MS's Surface Pro and a range of additional Atom and Core based tablets arriving in the market many of those tablets projected to sell in 2013 and 2014 will be x86 based with real Windows 8. Same for convertibles that also offer tablet functionality.

      Overall though, what has been discovered is that very few people are able to use an iPad or ARM based tablet to replace a laptop or desktop.

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