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  • hothectors hothectors Jan 30, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

    It is funny watching the GOP completely surrender to Obummer.


    I saw Rushfatphuck kissing #$%$ with Rubio and saying it was good to do an immigration bill. HAAA HAAAA
    This just a day after Rush was smoking his cigar and saying NO NO NO never.

    You rightwing trashballs have lost control of your republican party. The party is taking a severe turn back to the left and leaving you rightwing #$%$ birther #$%$ on the side of the road.
    Even fuxed up news is hiring some leftwing clowns to spew on TV.

    You want your country back do you?
    Move out into the countryside and hide but you are not getting back shhhiiieet.
    Just go long Intel and watch as it explodes up to ungodly numbers in the next few years.
    Take two viagra, screw something pretty, and go long Intel.
    Stop your crying Teabaggers because you are idiots and are just being laughed at now.

    This topic is deleted.
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