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  • will_amd_yu will_amd_yu Jan 31, 2013 9:52 PM Flag

    Intel build up of Excess Capacity is probably for Apple. Everything points

    to Intel in Apple tablets and later smartphones.

    TSMC just does not have the capacity to accomodate Apple. Heck their 28nm is still not 50% of their production.

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    • I think this is quite conceivable that Apple would soon move to Intel.

      The other angle is Intel is building up these leading edge capacities to bring costs down dramatically. If my understanding is right, each node results in a reduction of costs by a third. With fully depreciated 22nm (and later 14nm) processes, Intel costs would be so much lower than any of the ARM vendors.

      This would help Intel sell at highly-competitive prices (possibly even lower pricing than any of the ARM vendors) while being able to defend itself against charges charges of "dumping" - selling below cost - which is a huge anti-trust issue.

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