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  • amdsuckks amdsuckks Feb 1, 2013 4:24 PM Flag

    Hey Too? Do you really short Intel or are you just having fun?

    You are here all the time so you must know that Intel could break out high on the upside should if it should win even a small piece of the smartphone CPU market.
    Yes, Qualcomm is doing great today but things change.
    These companies that make phones have no loyalty. They simply want to sell their phones and they will buy components from any company that makes the ones that allow them to make the best phones.

    The advantage of an Intel CPU in a phone will become huge in early 2014.
    It will be able to do everything a qualcomm chip can do while doing it much faster and with lower battery power drain.
    Needless to say that the coming Intel CPU shrink to 14 nm will mark the end of Qualcomms great run where it dominated nearly 100% of the world's smart phone market.

    Yes--it is true that Qualcomm will make better and better chips but its chips will not keep up with Intel in performance.
    AMD makes better and better chips for Computers but they are simply way to far behind what Intel makes in order to compete now.

    So the funny thing about the Intel doom and gloom sayers is that they are saying Intel will NEVER get into smart phones in volume and that Intel's large Computer market will be replaced by Smartphones and tablets.
    The stock reflects these views.
    BUT--if Intel were to get to 20% share in the smart phone market in 2013 and then 50% in 2015, the stock would explode up. If Intel were to move to over 80% market share of phone with its CPUs, we would be looking at an Intel share price a little higher than now would you not think?

    Good luck.
    I think Intel hits 40 in less than 12 months.

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