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  • amdroadkill2010 amdroadkill2010 Feb 2, 2013 7:26 AM Flag

    GOOD MORNING. Make some money. Go long Intel. Forget politics and go get some pretty loving.

    Winter still snowing on us but spring is coming soon. OK--you might be a blue kind of guy. Your nation--you scram to it--I want my country back. But your friends look at you and laugh and you know you like them and they are not going to be giving it back to you. You watched fox news and they told you for certain that the polls were wrong and the silent majority was going to rise up and defeat Obummer in a large landslide. Then election night, yo were watching Fox and Megan Kelly, that hot Irish girl, comes on and starts laughing at Rove. He is doing a meltdown like the brothers in the movie trading places. NO) NO--I demand another count--OHIO--NOOOOOOO. Megan walks down to the vote counters and asks them whether they are sure Ohio is going to Obummer and they say YES!
    You throw your beer to the ground and your phone starts ringing. it is your friends calling up to laugh at you.

    Well forget about it. Things have been plucked up in America ever since the year 2000.
    NO---you will not get rightwing neo Nazis elected and your GOP party is in meltdown, but your Intel Long has a very good chance to make you look smart again.
    Yeah--you are an idiot when it comes to political stuff but when your 40,000 shares of Intel go to 80, somehow nobody will be talking to you about political stuff anymore. Everyone knows you own those shares and they have called you an idiot for doing so countless times and still you never gave up the faith. Your leftwing #$%$ Intel long friends too have held on to Intel. NOW---Huge announcements will take Intel to levels not seen since the year 2000. Those chip shrinks and fabs do matter and that is what all Intel longs have kept as a faith all along. The way Intel tore AMD apart and destroyed it is the same way it will devastate Qualcomm and the others. Shrink it--make it in super fabs and sell it is VOLUME!
    Three years from now there will be two kinds of companies selling smart phones. Those who make money and have Intel CPUs inside their phones and those companies that have been destroyed in the phone markets.
    Tick Tock Tick Tock.
    YES---You were right Intel longs.
    Have a beer and smile.

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    • Have you ever just say and read the #$%$ppp being written about Intel. No wonder it is trading so low.
      Intel is given virtually no chance of breaking into the phone and tablet markets. You are told by so called experts how it is impossible and Intel faces a slow meltdown because it is OLD!

      Even the net revenue and net profit is shrinking--not good.

      BUT enter 2013.
      Intel shrinks to 14 nm chips and then 10 nm chips in mid 2014.
      These chips turned into Full force phone chips with all the pretty add ons and all integrated in early 2014.
      If you were a maker of phones, what would you do? Would you keep your slower chips or switch to Intel.
      You see, because Intel does not care what you do. it will be selling the chips to makers of phones all over the planet in 2014 and in America the Google Motorola phones with Intel inside will be ripping into marketshare of the two big dogs, Apple and Samsung in phone sales. Yes--Intel wants them both but it is up to them. Same with Nokia--up to them. Intel will have its chips in the top selling phones in China and SE Asia early 2015. Its phones in Europe will have taken huge share by then too.

      Intel--like in the Field of Dreams movie--says--make them and they will come.
      Try and sell second rate trash for 800 dollars when benchmarks on a google phone show it killing you phones on all tests. Nexus and Motorola--both owned by Google---will take North America by storm.
      There is nothing Apple and Samsung can do to stop it. BUT--they can at least compete if they switch to Intel. The announcements are likely coming this year.

      Intel to 80.

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