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  • mystk7 mystk7 Feb 2, 2013 8:24 PM Flag

    One year chart INTC vs QCOM.....INTC -20% QCOM +15%

    para, you forget the huge dividend intel was giving all these years compound that and then get back to us.

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    • Glad you asked:

      LOL 12/16/1991 QCOM was $0.47 split and dividend $66.73.

      12/16/1991 INTC was $1.10 split and dividend adjusted now $21.36

      Need I say more ????

      Have a nice weekend bagholder.

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      • Over the lifetime of both companies INTC has gone up twice as much with the peak in Y2K being eight times as much. A visual integration of the comparison shows four times as much appreciation on average. Although sluggish since Y2K INTC has clearly returned more money to its shareholders than QCOM. You do also know that Atom is going to Snap your Dragons in half as each year goes by and this will negatively affect QCOM price in the future ;-)


      • "Need I say more ???? Have a nice weekend bagholder."

        [Why yes, PL (parabolic_lover), you could have said more - you could have shared some of your previous posts like the one below. It clearly indicates that you got burned on Qualcomm saying things like, "Where's the bottom. I need to get that money back fast and shorting looks like the only way."]

        [Maybe you still are trying to get that money back. LOL But one things for sure. You're no genius, Gump...]

        Prior post:

        QCOM Down Toilet: What?
        by parabolic_lover

        "What's going on? Is Q going to tank? Is this a
        good time to short again? It's had a fearce runup and
        you're still making bucks here. Can I get back the $$
        from that $360 maneuver that cubicle recommended?
        Where's the bottom. I need to get that money back fast
        and shorting looks like the only way.

        You're the only short that makes sense that's still
        here. What do you predict? Where's the top?

      • Since then I bought QCOM at about 13.60 in 2003 now it's 66+ sorry the same CAN'T be said for INTC.
        Puff that magic dragon - QCOM to $1000!

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