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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Feb 3, 2013 3:54 PM Flag

    Ashraf Eassa Shoots, He Scores!!!

    [Check out this response and slap-down by Ashraf Eassa to the article "Kabini Gives AMD Hope" by an AMD fanboi so rabid that he confesses he hasn't bought an Intel processor in 14 years and then calls Atom an abortion. I wonder if we know this guy on the board by another name?]

    [Read all the comments to the article for some interesting dialogue. The author does some serious back peddling after Ashraf's comments...]


    First, your characterization of Clover Trail as "awful" is baseless. In terms of the CPU, it is just as fast, if not faster, than the ARM based SoCs from Qualcomm, Nvidia, etc. while at the same time offering similar power levels. It's a slow dog compared to a Core i7, but what do you expect at 2W power consumption and 32nm process tech?

    Next, your characterization of Kabini is a little bit optimistic. Kabini's TDP will be in the 9W - 25W range, hardly fit for a tablet -- these are competitors to Intel's low end PC chips. The tablet chips, on the other hand, codename "Temash" will fit in a power envelope of 3.9W - 5.9W (2core/4core, respectively). The 2 core edition will probably be what goes into tablets, and even then, AMD's chip doesn't feature a lot of the sophisticated power gating/power states that enable the really, really low idle power that the iPad-style tablets need.

    "Bay Trail" will have a derivative of Ivy Bridge's on-die graphics, and it will have 4 "Silvermont" based CPU cores. Each core is going to be more sophisticated than the current Atom cores, there will be twice as many of them, and they will fit in the same thermal envelopes as the ARM stuff, while also being built on much lower power transistors. Intel will also feature all of the power gating features necessary for the long battery lives.

    In short, Intel will have a 2 gen process lead over the ARM and over AMD guys (22nm + tri-gate), it will have a brand-new, ground up micro-architecture (the current Atom's is 5 years old), and Intel spends massive amounts of R&D to try to win.

    So, with all of the strong ARM players and then Intel, things are very, very tough for AMD.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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