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  • ideal_invst ideal_invst Feb 4, 2013 7:38 AM Flag

    Intel SoCs for Windows Phone?

    Otellini has indicated several times that Intel's goals are to make x86 being the port of choice for all major OS by providing the best SoCs/CPUs.

    Looks like Intel is on the path of making it happen for Windows Phone.

    Intel Wants Windows Phone Engineers

    Yup, Intel is set to make a splash at Mobile World Congress later this month with a slew of smartphones, tablets and Ultrabooks, and we have also seen how LinkedIn was used to help recruit folks to help out with the upcoming Motorola X phone. Well, LinkedIn is in the spotlight again now, as we have word that Intel has published a job opportunity on LinkedIn which is looking out for Windows Phone engineers. One can read into that however one wants to, but how about this – could Intel be looking into a mobile platform as part of their future investment?

    The job listed at LinkedIn specifically requested for those who are experts in the Windows Phone environment, and it would be interesting to see what else the future will bring. At this point in time, Windows Phone devices are powered mostly by ARM with Qualcomm as the exclusive chip provider, but two is definitely company from our perspective, and neither do I think that three’s a crowd. The job description’s opening pitch reads as such, “Windows Phone Engineers: Intel would like to talk to you. If you have Windows phone expertise, the Intel site in Redmond would like to talk to you.”


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    • It would appear Intel is trying more of a shotgun approach to market impact as opposed to having one or two really big customers. Perhaps as the market evolves and the big players among its customers emerge it will narrow down its focus. Its a huge company with the deep pockets to support multiple platforms with its mobile chips.

      Windows Phone makes a lot of sense for Intel to target in the long run because the whole point of the Low Power IA project was to offer a unified ISA across power operating points. You can imagine Microsoft going for a much larger integration in the future than the one it did for tablets and laptops with Windows 8, where it integrates Windows 8 with Windows Phone. When that happens, the value proposition of having microprocessors speaking a single ISA across the power spectrum will go up. Having said that, not everyone is convinced integration, in this way, makes sense. We'll get more data on this as the adoption numbers for Windows 8 come in.

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      • Well, the only 3 big OS companies in computing/smartphones are Microsoft, Apple, and Google - with Tizen being a distant possibility.

        - Intel has been a partner of Microsoft for over 2 decades
        - Intel has been working with Apple for about a decade
        - Intel and Google have a partnership going through Motorola Mobility

        With its "port of choice" strategy, Intel has been working on expanding existing relationships at Microsoft (Windows Phone) and Apple (iOS).

        Intel is a chip/manufacturing powerhouse. It has the reach and resources to handle its partnerships with Microsoft, Apple, and Google...and continue to dabble in Tizen.

        So the very idea that Intel is trying a shortgun approach is laughable.

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