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  • lostamericanpride lostamericanpride Feb 5, 2013 7:32 AM Flag

    INTC is going to $15

    it's over for this behemoth of fraud and bribery.

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    • First in response to your name.
      Likely you lost the election and I do not give a horses rump about your crying about your pride.
      Quit your crying.
      Obama and the growing left won and you LOST
      Get over It.

      Now about Intel to 15.
      AMD is ROADKILL! Bet it is out of business sometime in the next few years and it is not Intel that killed it.
      Those phones killed it.

      Intel 15? Yes--if it utterly fails to counter attack and get into phones and tablets, it will go to 15 and lower.
      However, likely Intel will be in volume in phones and tablets in 2014 and by 2015 end, Intel could be approaching 50% market share in smart phones using its Intel chip.

      40 and higher is far more likely that is 15 but go ahead and make your bet. You could be right.
      But please spare us your political crying. The GOP is slowly but surely becoming the party of the 30%.
      Rural older white people party is the GOP.
      It's base is all getting old and dropping dead.

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