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  • intel_fanboy intel_fanboy Feb 5, 2013 12:11 PM Flag

    Writing on the wall for ARMH

    I didn't go to CES this year but one of my friends went and said there wasn't a lot to get excited about. No real big introductions. I mentioned that ARM based products really haven't improved dramatically since last year. He said that what he saw was newer versions of the same old same old.

    So, don't take my word for it, go over to the ARMH website and read the blog about CES. Someone named Jim Wallace wrote about ARMH at CES. In the article he mentioned ARM 9 times. Here's the first paragraph

    "CES was a great show for ARM, there were plenty of ARM powered smartphones, families of Mali™ GPU enabled Android tablets, from entry level brands to the latest Google Nexus 10 with 2.5K displays, and larger than ever Mali GPU enabled 4K smartTVs."

    Smart TV's and 4K TVs? The Smart TV was on display last year at CES. They were neat to play with for a few minutes, but it wasn't anything that made me want to go out and buy one. The 4K displays were also demo'd last year. The panel makers are in a bit of a loss. They felt certain that consumers wanted 3D TV. Nope. In order to enjoy 4K you need two things. a TV large enough to really show all 4000 pixels and a hell of a lot more data coming in to populate all those pixels. Consumers demanding 4K tvs in the next year or two isn't a pipe dream, it's a crack pipe dream. We're talking about consumers, the people who are happy streaming movies in 720p.

    So what was missing from CES for ARMH? The dangling carrot. Every year there has been something that ARM has presented that made consumers say "Wow, I need that." If it didn't happen at CES we'd know that Apple would have it a few weeks later at a press conference. Neither happened this year.

    ARMH has stated again and again that it has a two year lead with Intel. It could use this lead to distance itself from Intel. I am not saying that ARMH isn't a strong company or it doesn't have a viable future. All I am asking is what is it doing with this lead? Where is the next big thing for ARMH? I see plans of down the road things like data centers and 4K TVs. What is the hot ARMH product consumers are dreaming about that they can get this year? A Nexus 10 tablet? Anything else?

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