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  • harrydick836 harrydick836 Feb 7, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    Answer for why INTC is not going up?

    1) It generally always goes down after div. paid. (usually for 3 weeks after)
    2) Currently market overextended and pulling it down
    3) Low earnings and revenue growth
    4) Intel is not a buy and hold stock unless you have a humongous time horizon.

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    • Well Wally probably plans on working another 30 years. by then the semiconductor chip will probably be useless

    • Well Said-Buy low -sell high!

    • The reason is I am the controller of the share price and I am making the stockholders sell today. They are all under my control so I can buy the shares real cheap. I using my mind machine to get the stockholders to sell. So remember buy low and sell high

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Answer for why INTC is not going up?


      Because turds sink.

    • If one examined Intel over the past 13 years it would be easy to conclude a very long term horizon would be needed. For the majority of Intel's history this was not the case. However, around year 2000 and shortly after several events occurred that put Intel's growth on simmer. First was the dotcom bust that took the wind out of almost everything tech. Following that Intel's primary competitor AMD managed to upstage Intel's flagship processors with the 64 bit Athalon and a range of great performing server chips. For the next five years AMD hammered at Intel's marketshare in both PC's and servers and for the first time captured the major OEM's as customers. By the time AMD had peaked they may have reached near 40% market share in servers. Intel's stock languished and deservedly so.

      But around 2006 Intel launched the Conroe design and since then AMD has been looking at Intel's exhaust ever since. Today, AMD is a beaten company with very little prospects and Intel has the greatest share of every PC category it has had in many years. However, while Intel was busy retaking the lead in everything x86, the mobile industry quietly crept up on Intel and created this booming mobile market, and analysts again hammered Intel for not being part of it.

      So where does Intel stand today? For all practical purposes Intel put the AMD threat to rest. It dominates virtually every segment of the x86 market and it may also reclaim all of its x86 intellectual property if AMD becomes insolvent as some predict. Analysts should have already rewarded Intel for reclaiming such a lead in everything x86 but they haven't because they see mobile (right or wrong) as the new threat.

      But now Intel is very well positioned to make its assault on mobile and the result of their work is just now starting to be seen in the new smartphone, tablets and convertible market. For those familiar with Intel's product and process roadmap they are aware that Intel is about to put the semiconductor and mobile industry on a roller-coaster ride of innovation like they've never seen. Not only will Intel have slayed the AMD dragon and be the undisputed king of its traditional markets, it will have also taken the volume graphics market from both Nvidia and AMD and captured a meaningful part of mobile, the embedded market, and the Internet-of-Things. The time horizon looks to be roughly 24-36 months. There sure are a lot of reasons to be optimistic about Intel during this time.

    • 5) Because it is neither going up nor remaining unchanged.

      6) Because Wallus & Mux are loooooooooooooooooooooooosers, and until they capitulate, there is no change for a sustained rise in INTC.

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