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  • longtalltxn longtalltxn Feb 7, 2013 9:05 PM Flag

    How hard is it for intel to start another architecture?

    Perhaps you should pose a different question: how hard is it for you to pick a different stock? Apparently VERY difficult as you are wedded to failure.

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    • Thats kind a bs cheap gutless answer buddy. I can and do make money with intel even in flat or down markets by selling puts and buying leaps at -2sd and then selling the leaps at +2sd covering puts or letting expire or getting exercised and selling calls until taken away indefinitely eg sold leaps before earnings and then rebuying them 50% cheaper like say near here that we are now and so on.

      I would of course make more if the stock started a move to 40 or 100 that i am very confident eventually will happen when all the bs clears. But until then i am ok with making 5%-10% per trade cycle here and there rather than having up 30-40% up months which will be the case if an uptrend begins.

      The problem with finding new stocks is that their derivatives are insanely priced and have massive spreads and they are mostly overvalued bubbles ready to crash. The only other stock i like long here is apple at these PE levels. And of course i would enter only in severe down days and only by shorting puts on it as well.

      I am not going to switch the core of the trading portfolio out of intel the most undervalued company in the universe and into some 2x the PE type stock like TXN or ARMH or QCOM lol . I am patient enough to wait until intel and the idiot analysts get it right at the same time.

      The harder you train to make money the easier the money will come when the bs ends and the uptrend starts. A tough stock that you know is better than some casino garbage. with uptrend about to crash.

      If you are so happy to trash intel and not answer my question then please offer the other stocks that you like better.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Your wife knows about being wedded to a failure, living in Texas.

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